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Hi! I’m Melissa, an organic, high raw, dairy free, gluten free, and (mostly) soy free dreamer and yoga and photography enthusiast with a love for all things in their most simplistic pure and natural form. Oh, and all things cinnamon!  

Confirmed Celiac by biopsy August 2009.  Gluten free ever since and NEVER looking back.

I love cooking and I refuse to let my Celiac Disease stop me from enjoying my life and all the wonderful foods in it!  I’ve dabbled with different ways of eating as my body has gone through different healing periods.  Now, I’m ready to achieve balance.  I am strong, mind, body, intestinal tract ;), and soul and I have found what works best for my body food wise.

Let’s get cookin! 🙂 Good, Clean, Livin’.
God Bless!
         Live simply,