Household and Body Products-
1. Dr. Bronner All in One Baby Mild Soap
2.  Head Pomegranite Shampoo and Conditioning Spray
3.  Desert Essence Shampoos (lemon t tree) and Lotions
4.  Desert Essence Thoroughly Clean Face Wash
5.  Jason Sea Fresh Flouride Free Toothpaste
6.  Burts Bees Blemish Stick, Radiance Day Cream, and Beeswax Lip Balm

Stores of Choice-
1.  All Ways Healthy
2.  Trader Joes
3.  Whole Foods

Restaurants of Choice-
1.  Cousin’s Raw
2.  The Balanced Kitchen
3.  Karyn’s Raw
4.  Borrowed Earth Cafe
5.  Deluciano’s

Misc Brands of Choice-
1.  Earth Shoes (planet shoes)
2.  Alternative Earth Clothing (SO COMFY!)
3.  Navitas Naturals (Chia seeds, raw cacao, raw stevia, raw mesquite powder)
4.  Nutiva (Hemp protein and hemp seeds)
5.  Go Raw (Simple granola, flax snax, and chocolate truffles)
6.  Natural Value (Coconut Milk)
7.  Now Brand (Carob powder and shredded coconut)
8.  Sun Dates Brand Medjools
9.  Frontier Alcohol Free Extracts
10.  Harvest Bay and ONE Coconut water

1.  Medjool Dates
2.  Vanilla
3.  Bananas
5.  Blueberries
6. Romaine Hearts
7.  Sweet frozen dark cherries
8.  Almond butter
9.  Cinnamon
10.  Carrots
11.  Garnet Yams
12. Ripe Kiwis
13.  Ripe Mangos
14.  Carob avocado mousse
15.  Coconut Water
16.  Coconut Milk